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5: UK Prison Series – First Day Inside (continued)

Vlog about my prison experiences, this is the second part about my first day inside prison. PART 6 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPMltb0nTmw&list=UUZdKJcjQsAj5cYAwxkXlJMA&feature=c4-overview Follow me on twitter @avpstudios09 ( https://twitter.com/avpstudios09) This is part 5 of my prison stories, and my continued story about my first day in A Cat B UK prison. Like, …

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1: UK Prison Series – Inside Experiences

PART 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6Y_wSUWTns Intro to my youtube series exploring my time inside the British prison system. I'm going to upload regularly explaining the different events that happened to me and my observations throughout. Follow me on twitter @avpstudios09 ( https://twitter.com/avpstudios09) I was incarcerated for 14 months over 3 different prisons …

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First Day of Federal Prison

First Day of Federal Prison Justin Paperny discusses the {First Day of Federal Prison}. #firstdayinfederalprison GeoffMousseau: Hi, this is Geoff Mousseau with White Collar Vice. We’re here today with Justin Paperny. The reason we’re here today is because this is a significant day for Justin. It was eight years ago, …

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First Day In Prison Be Like

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