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China Builds First Overseas Military Outpost in Djibouti

If Hillary Clinton avoids prison and gets elected this country is no longer the land of the free and the home of the brave.
It is a government that makes Israel look like a boys’ choir and Saudi Arabia like a democracy.
The USA under the Clinton legacy has gone down the road of no return and this justice department has lost sight of the laws that make the USA safe for law abiding citizens. Loretta Lynch should be dis barred, Bill, Hillary, Obama, Holder, Pelosi and the whole crew should all be imprisoned. The GOP have gone south and were lost to corruption long before this administration. Washington needs to be cleaned out from top to bottom. George Soros needs his bank accounts frozen. This country is a disgrace. If Congress and our justice department don’t convict Hillary there will be no laws upheld in the USA for another 50 years or until she is long gone and burning in hell. I have no faith that she will ever see a prison or be convicted because Washington politicians are a bunch of pussies that were bought and paid for a long time ago. They have zero ethics and care nothing about the future of our country. They can all burn in hell.
Donald Trump is the only man who isn’t afraid to speak up for the masses. God Bless America. Vote Trump.

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