Inside Canada’s prisons

This outstanding CBC News Big Picture Special provides a thorough, straightforward portrait of how Canada deals with people who break the law: from the special handling unit where the most dangerous are held to a minimum security facility that some say is too soft; from a man who's never been in prison before to those who will spend the rest of their lives in custody; from the corrections officers who work the cell blocks to the woman who manages the entire system. Eight short documentaries make up this special and are interspersed with a forum of correctional staff, government officials and inmates who comment on and discuss the documentary content. The eight documentaries are:
1) Prison System Overview
2) First Timers
3) Women Beyond Bars
4) Guards — Correctional Officers
5) How Lifers Do The Time
6) Minimal Prisons
7) Biker Gang Members of Le Claire Institution
8) Special Handling Unit

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