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Top 10 Teens Life Sentence Reactions [2017]

Teens reacting to life sentences. The craziest life sentence reactions as of 2017. Top 10 life sentence reaction compilation.

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10. Rock Hill teen in court for arson, murder charges

9. The MURDER sentencing of Dylan Schumaker

8. Teen receives 50 year sentence in boy's brutal beating

7. Police restraining teen in courtroom after being sentenced to Death., Police Video
6. Courtroom Outburst: Sentence to Life for Murder

5. USC Shooter Brandon Spencer Breaks Down In Tears After Getting 40 Years To Life

4. CONFESSED Murderer COLLAPSES In Court After Ohio Judge Sentences Him To LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE!!

3. Tony Farmer Collapses In Court After Being Sentenced To Prison For Kidnapping His Ex!
2. Convicted Murderer Fights Deputies At Sentencing

1. 2 Females React To Life Sentence! Unbelievable!