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I believe that preparation and guidance is the best approach to be ready for the sudden lifestyle change that comes with being imprisoned.

Jail Guide: Prison Survival Secrets Revealed was created to show you how to be prepared and ready to start your incarceration with confidence and complete control.

Delivering current survival strategies, and exposing the true methods that the old timers won't share with you.

Jail Guide: Prison Survival Secrets will:

• Maximize your personal safety – by clearly explaining how you can avoid becoming the target of other inmates.

• Restore your confidence and control – by explaining the clear boundaries already in place so you avoid looking like the unfamiliar new guy.

• Deliver you clarity – by displaying to you the pitfalls of becoming too comfortable too quickly and to how to avoid the common errors made by new inmates.

• Present you powerful lessons – on the economy, currency, and what the sacred items are so you can prepare for your best possible outcome.

• Ensure your peace of mind – by teaching you the social dynamics involved so you understand and are ready for the structured environment.

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