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Inside an MS-13 prison

'Hunting MS-13,' Part 3: Tucker visits an El Salvadoran prison housing MS-13 members and sits near soccer-playing children who may face a bleak, violent future #Tucker

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Jailed for Life for Minor Crimes: The UK’s Forgotten Prisoners

James Burns is voluntarily spending 30 days in solitary confinement. Learn more about the project at solitary.vice.com: http://bit.ly/2icVUGb —- In a three-month investigation, VICE News uses Freedom of Information laws, exclusive interviews, and prison reports to uncover the scandal of the 4,612 prisoners serving life sentences under abolished legislation — …

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U.S. announces plans to close secret overseas prisons

The Central Intelligence Agency is ending one of its most controversial counter-terrorism programs. The agency announced that it will close its secret overseas detention centers — prisons set up for the sometimes brutal interrogation of terrorism suspects. The prisons, known as black sites, were said to be in a variety …

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This Is Life In A Thai Jail: Face Death Or Madness

Life in Jail: Dangerous at the best of times, we see inside some of the world's most terrifying prisons, in Thailand. For similar stories see: Meet The Murderers Jailed In Venezuela's Luxury Prison (2014) The Shocking World Of Brazil's Brutal Prison System Inside the Abhorrent Conditions of Zimbabwe's Prison System …

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